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  • Product name: Boletus edulis in brine
  • Added time: 2017-04-25
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General descreption:
Production Name:Boletus edulis in brine(lat.Boletus edulis)
Grade:A grade,whole1-3cm
Color:typical brown
Description:The mushroom are made of fresh,healthy,carefully cleaned,pure-sorted and blanched raw material.they are free of animal damage(like worm hole,damages and black discolorations).This material is practically free from any kinds of foreign bodies.
List of ingredients: Boletus edulis,Water,Salt,Citric acid
Direction of preparation:Desalting through sufficient fresh water

Lead time from order till delivery:the goods are available within 15-20days.
Best before:24 months
Tempreture:normal centigrade
Packing:with 50kg blue export plastic drum outside and food grade white plastic bag inside.
Weight:net 50kg/drum
Quantity:340 drums in a 20FT container

Analytical datas
Microbiological datas:free of Salmonellas and Pathogenic germs.
Physical datas:without any impurities and crush,sufficient brine.
Chemical datas:PH 4 max
                        Maximum value of Calsium 134 and 137 max.25Bq/kg,provided current legal basic is only valid if   there no stricter limits available(EU)
Residue of pesticides and heavy metal are below the valid maxiimun quantity of regulation.



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