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  • Product name: IQF Cauliflower
  • Added time: 2017-06-05
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 Produced from fresh cauliflower which have been trimmed, washed, blanched, cooled and individually quick frozen. This is an all natural product, containing no additives or preservatives. And may therefore be subject to seasonal colour and flavour variations.

2. Packaging:
 By waterproof cardboard carton with polyethylene liner.
 Pack type: 10kg or 30lb carton
 Storage condition: deep frozen, store at less than –18 C
3.Shelf life: 24 months
4. Physical Description:
 Flavour: typical of cauliflower, free from off or objectionable flavour.
 Appearance: free flowing-pieces
 Odour: typical of cauliflower, free from off or objectionable odours
 Size/count: refer to comments.
 Colour: fine regular white color. Open florets max 10%,miss size max 25%
 Taste: typical of the cauliflower, without any off-taste.
 Foreign substance: non existence
 Broken pieces: non existence
 Metal/glass/plastic/stone/wood/sand/soil or any other FMV/EVM:
 Contamination: pesticides, fungicides, metals, mycotoxines, radioactivity, according to EEC regulations and China National Standards.


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