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In 2013,Dayong move to the new factory and combined with ShiJiaZhuang DeYuan Food Co.,Ltd.

HeBei DaYong Fruits&Vegetables Co.,Ltd was built from 1996 which integrated together of planting, processing, distributing and exporting of IQF raw materials (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms), as well as salted and dried mushrooms.

After combination,we added the frozen fried beef series.

The factories are equipped with the most modernized machines: the standard processing procedure guarantees the quality of the products. Our modernized processing system avail us being able to offer complete flexibility in the processing schedule and therefore able to meet every specific need of the customers. The integrated processing cycle allows us a constant control on the parameters that determines the quality of the product, maintains the healthiness, the nutritional values and the mellowness of the taste.
Our efficient distribution network allows us to deliver our goods reach domestic and abroad very fast, to help the customer to adjust to the change of the market.

Our engagement:
Dayong guarantees the products fresh and healthy, processed in a completely natural way, without the use of genetically modifies organisms (OGM).

Our objective: 
The continuous quality improvements of the products under HACCP regulations.
We also established a trading company named Shijiazhuang Dayong Trading Co., Ltd. to export the ingredients that are used in processing the fruits and vegetables, such as Vitamin C, sodium acetate, malic acid, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and tartaric acid, etc.